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I have been a pencil artist for my entire life, not knowing I was colorblind until the age of 20. I really enjoy making the actors come to life on paper. I only started out, intending to draw a few of the characters, but was convinced by our good friend Jose Cantillo aka Martinez from TWD to set up and sell my artwork at the shows. Thank goodness we took him up on his suggestion. It is a priceless, seeing the look on the actors faces when they receive their original drawings. By doing this, my wife Colleen & I are establishing a very large and loyal fan base and becoming well known on the Walking Dead circuit. We have became good friends with several of the cast members. One of them, and we aren't sure who, first coined the name "The Black and White Guy.", and now, our fans are using it as well. I'm still relatively a starving artist, but selling prints and meeting the thousands of people that go to the shows has really changed our lives and created friendships that will carry on long past the shows end.

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